Here at Brad's, we're experts when it comes to small demolition projects.

Brad's Rubbish Clearance

Small Demolition services provided by Brad's:

You can be best assured that I have many years of experience in this field. Over the years I have undertaken many, demolition projects that have always gone smoothly. This is put down to good communication along with understanding your requirements.

We dismantle things like coal bunkers, sheds,  and conservatories.

Please note, for you peace of mind, that Brad's Rubbish Clearance is fully covered against accidents with a Public Liability Insurance.

  • Brad's Rubbish Clearance has a Public Liability Insurance
  • Removing large Metal objects
  • Stripping Exterior
  • Stripping Exteriors
  • Dismantling a garden Shed
  • Removal Of Carpet
  • Interior Bathroom
  • Interior Kitchen
  • Stripping Interiors
  • Dismantling large heavy items
  • Taking down & removing a brick wall
  • Dismantling a Summer House
  • Dismantling a Coal Bunker
  • Dismantling a Conservatory
  • Removal of Green House
  • Removal of a Dogs Kennel
  • Cutting up Work Benches
  • Removing a Garden Fence
  • Dismantling Kids swings
  • Dismantling a trampoline
  • Removing an old plastic water tank

Please don't hesitate to ring Brad 0208 2127819 or 07903 235615 if something is not shown on the list below.

As you can see above that, I will dismantle most things, Please note that I do not dismantle or take any items containing asbestos. Stock photos have been used for illustration purposes only. For Rubbish Removal in South East London or surrounding areas, call 0208 2127819 or 0790 3235615 for an over the phone price indication.