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Overview of the Abbey Wood, SE2 area

Nestled in Abbey Wood, the Crossness Pumping Station stands as an architectural gem. Dubbed the "Cathedral on the Marsh," it offers an unexpected visual feast, belying its origins as a sewage plant.

This remarkable facility was designed by the famed civil engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette in response to the 19th-century cholera outbreaks that plagued London. The Crossness Pumping Station is a triumph of Victorian engineering, being one of the first installations of its kind.


Thanks to a £2.7 million Heritage Lottery grant, the Crossness Pumping Station at Abbey Wood has been magnificently restored. Visitors can explore the Grade I listed Beam Engine House and marvel at some of the finest Victorian ornamental cast ironwork still in existence during the open days

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Rubbish clearance in Abbey Wood, SE2
Greetings from Brad's Clearance Services! Are you in search of a dependable rubbish removal service in Abbey Wood, SE2? If so, we're here to assist with any waste-related queries. We hold a license for waste removal from the Environment Agency and are always prepared to provide our best service.Call: 07903235615


Garage clearance in Abbey Wood, SE2


Brad’s provides an excellent and convenient garden clearance service in Abbey Wood, SE2. We handle all the loading, including sweeping up the area upon completion. Customers in need of rubbish clearance can relax and let us take care of the job. Our service eliminates the hassle of frequent trips to the local recycling station. Skip orders for garage clearance, which entail expensive council permits, occupy space, and are often filled by neighbors seeking extra room for their rubbish. Opting for our services also spares you from the burden of heavy lifting. Call: 07903235615


Rubbish clearance in Abbey Wood, SE2


At Brad’s, we've come to understand the importance of arriving with the appropriate tools for house clearance. Ensuring we have the right equipment allows us to efficiently disassemble items such as sofas, ottomans, beds, wardrobes, garden sheds, and greenhouses.


Call Brad’s today, for a house clearance quote 07903235615


At Brad's, we believe in the power of a clear space to foster a clear mind. In my experience, spare rooms, lofts, garages, and sheds often turn into resting places for items we can't decide about or no longer find useful. Clutter, in various definitions, can be seen as postponed decisions. The items in your spare room didn't magically appear, and they won't disappear on their own. Sometimes sentimentality prevents us from parting with certain belongings. If you find yourself in this situation, don't wait any longer. Contact Brad's now for a quote on house clearance


House clearance in Abbey Wood, SE2


If you're gearing up for a special event and need rubbish cleared, or if it's just time for a thorough clearout, Brad's is here to assist you. Planning for a special occasion or just need to declutter? Brad's is your solution for rubbish clearance. Allow us to handle the hard work for you, whether it's for yourself, your family, or friends.

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Garden clearance in Abbey Wood, SE2


Brad is part of the Which Trusted Trader program for home clearance. Additionally, Brad is enrolled in the Bexley Council Trading Standards-operated What Tradesman Scheme, designed for both local consumers and traders. This scheme was established to cater to the specific needs of residents and businesses. At Brad's, we recognise the uniqueness of each home and tailor our house clearance services in Abbey Wood, SE2, and the nearby areas accordingly. Our personalised telephone service collaborates with you to craft a customised rubbish removal, ensuring you get a suitable rubbish clearance based on your specific needs.


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We are enthusiastic and equipped with all the essential tools and tricks of the trade for rubbish removal. Our team is trained and experienced in handling all kinds of junk removal projects. One may need rubbish removal services for various situations such as garage clearance, house clearance, garden waste removal, unwanted furniture removal, or items in storage, shed, loft. All such situations we've got you covered. 

We aim to deliver a pleasant relaxing stress free rubbish removal service. Call us on 07903235615


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